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When I first started hiking with my children, the hiking books that we purchased were written for adults, not adults carrying infants or for families hiking with children. Trust me, my husband and I learned the hard way. After a few family melt-downs on the trail, my husband suggested I write a family-friendly hiking book. He also funded my project, in hopes that it would stop my trail tantrums.

So I did!

Take a Hike with Your Children is a first-of-its-kind Rockies guidebook written primarily for families, and from a child’s walking perspective. Here are my trail rating systems, with a new trail rating, already added to the next series of books that are in the works.

All Walking Abilities

Children who can walk on their own on easy, flat terrain, but may require assistance in some uneven conditions, up to advanced walkers. ©

Competent Walkers

Children who can walk without needing assistance on any terrain in this book or any terrain, in general, includes slight elevation gains and the possibility of climbing a limited number of stairs, up to advanced walkers ©

Advanced Walkers

Children who can walk on any terrain in this book including moderate elevation gains and climbing steep and many stairs.

Experienced Walkers – C’mon mom, keep up!

Expert Walkers – these children are athletic, in excellent physical condition, with positive previous hiking experiences, and are looking forward to outpacing mom and dad.  They can easily walk a return distance of 10km (6.2 miles) or longer, carrying their own packs and basic supplies, on sometimes moderately to very short steep, rocky and rooty terrain with elevation gains of up to 700m (2, 296 ft). They are bear and animal smart and demonstrate proper trail etiquette. 

copyright 2019 – all icons are owned by Three Mountain Family Hikes™ No part of these of trail ratings and associated icons can be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, without written permission from the publisher.

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