Fostering Outdoor Community

Welcome to the Three Mountain Family Hikes® Community!

The Three Mountain Family Hikes® Community facebook group serves as a platform to get connected with nature and with each other. Whether a beginner or a pro, join us as we foster a love of the outdoors in all."

Facilitated by Lynda Pianosi, a professional, multi-certified and accredited interpretive professional hiking guide and sports instructor, the goal of this public, open forum is to:

  • Share outdoor experiences
  • Share knowledge and resources
  • Bring in subject-matter experts to share their knowledge and tips
  • Share collaborations with guiding organizations
  • Ask questions
  • Connect with others!

By sharing expert knowledge, the goal is to give group members the confidence and skills they need for a safe, fun day outdoors.

Why wait? The incredible natural wonder and wilderness playground we have right at our backdoors awaits!