Family Hiking in the Canadian Rockies

Guided Winter Activities

ENJOY THE OUTDOORS SAFELY GETTING YOU CLOSER TO NATURE ONE STEP AT A TIME Guided Winter Activities Join me in my guided winter activities in Banff, Kananaskis, Jasper, and more. Together, we’ll embark on a journey with your family to

leave no trace in the woods

Leave No Trace and Reduce your Carbon Footprint

The best rule of thumb to leave no trace is: If it doesn’t come from the local ecosystem, it shouldn’t be left there. In addition to leaving only real footprints, we also try to reduce our carbon footprint. Consider the following

Lake O’Hara: Hiking Gem In Yoho National Park

Lake O’Hara is Simply Stunning! Whenever we discuss family hiking, Lake O’Hara is always mentioned, and for a good reason. The beauty of the snow-covered mountain peaks, mountain lakes, trails and the camaraderie shared by a group of strangers at

Canadian National Park Passes: When and Why You Need One

When you purchase a Canadian National Park Pass, not only are you paying the price for admission to a jaw-dropping show of nature’s splendour, the revenue from the pass also helps support other key park programs. When Do You Need