12 Days of Christmas Spirit for Mother Nature – Day 1

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12 Days of Christmas Spirit For Mother Nature – Day 1

We hear a lot about the Spirit of Christmas, but what does it really mean?  For my family, it isn’t about how many presents we get – or if we are getting the latest and greatest gear from the “Christmas Outdoor Gear Lists” instead,  it is about helping people, giving of ourselves and taking stock of what is “really important” in life.  For us, “Mother Nature” is truly important – Her natural beauty, winding hiking trails, snow-capped mountains, wild animals, crystal clear freshwater lakes, prairie grasslands, to name a few, are everyday reminders that we are guests in her house – and we need to be better guests!  

12 Days of Christmas Spirit for Mother Nature


Day 1 – Nature Canada and the Nature Conservancy of Canada 

Nature Canada

Founded in 1939, Nature Canada is Canada’s oldest national nature conservation organization. Their Mission Statement is to “protect and conserve wildlife and habitats by engaging people and advocating on behalf of Nature”.  Source-  Nature Canada

They provide a lot of fantastic information about wildlife and ecosystems on their website and Facebook page.  Are you a family that spends time outdoors? Take a picture and use the hashtag #MyNatureHood, to submit a picture of your family enjoying outdoor activities, who knows, you might make it on their FB page. In addition, they have a #GivingTuesdays program that enables you to give to their organization.

Nature Canada has helped to protect 110 million acres of parks and wildlife in Canada over the past 80 years.

12 Days of Christmas Spirit for Mother Nature
Patricia Lake, Jasper National Park, 12 Days of Christmas Spirit for Mother Nature

Nature Conservancy of Canada

A symbolic nature gift is an ideal gift for the person that “has everything”.  When my boys were in preschool, we knew that their teacher loved the outdoors. Instead of giving her yet another “best teacher” gift, that would sit on a shelf and collect dust,  we did a symbolic donation in her honour. She was thrilled!

“The Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC), is the largest charity in Canada with a mandate to conserve Canada’s most important natural areas and the species that call these areas home.  As of 2022, it has helped conserve over 15 million hectares of land.  Source – Nature Conservancy of Canada

marmot in banff national park
Marmot – Boom Lake, Banff National Park, 12 Days of Christmas Spirit for Mother Nature.

The Nature Conservancy of Canada works with local Indigenous groups across Canada, and the Government of Canada Partnership to protect wildlife and land in Canada.

For the first day of our 12 Days of Christmas Spirit for Mother Nature, consider making a donation to either of these wonderful organizations if you’re a fan of the great outdoors!


Happy Hiking!

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