12 Days of Christmas Spirit for Mother Nature – Day 8

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Day 8 of The Spirit of Christmas for Mother Nature – only 4 more days to go!

Today, I am highlighting the Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park and the Ann and Sandy Cross Conservation Area. The land for both of these parks was donated by local families who wanted to conserve the unique ecosystems that these lands were on, while at the same time, sharing these properties with those that are interested in learning about their unique habitats.  Both of these parks provide fantastic opportunities for children to literally get down on their knees and explore!

12 days of Christmas Spirit for Mother Nature
This picture of my boys was taken 5 years ago….I think they were looking at Mother Natures version of Xbox….ants

Glenbow Ranch Park Foundation

Located on Highway 1A between Calgary and Cochrane, the Glenbow Ranch Park consists of 35K of paved and gravel trails that meander along the Bow River and pass through coulees, grasslands and significant cultural and historical features.  The Harvie family donated the land for this park, for which they were honoured with the Nature Conservancy of Canada Alberta Order of Conservation.  The park’s interpretive centre, the Harvie’s homestead, provides educational and historical information on the park.  The park offers a wide variety of educational programs.  

glenbow ranch park foundation

The Glenbow Ranch Park Foundation has multiple ways to support the cause and give back to the foundation, including their Steward An Acre initiative where you protect an acre on the Ranch for three years with your donation. Visit their website to learn more today.

Ann and Sandy Cross Conservation Area

The Cross Conservation area was donated by Ann and Sandy Cross for the protection of wildlife habitat and conservation education.

This 4,800-acre day-use natural area is dedicated to:

  • “protecting habitat and providing space for native species of wildlife,
  • offering conservation education programs (particularly to youth) without jeopardizing wildlife and habitat, and
  • managing human use of the ASCCA through ‘entry by registration only’.” Source- Ann and Sandy Cross Conservation Area
ann and sandy cross conservation area

It is located very close to the south part of Calgary. The Cross Conservation is a lovely place to take the kids for a hike, or weather permitting, a snowshoe. If you plan on going with a group of 8 or more, you will need to register online.  It is a lovely area, close to the south part of Calgary, and one that any age will enjoy. 

You do need to pay for parking when you visit the Ann and Sandy Cross Conservation Area. Parking fees assist with the financial sustainability of the ASCCA, and is one of their impact reduction strategies. Or, if you’re so inclined, you can choose to donate to the Cross Conservation Area directly online.

holding a dragonfly
A boy and his bug! My oldest was wading along the shorelines of Crandall Lake, Waterton Lakes National Park when this dragonfly landed on his finger.

Happy Hiking!

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