12 Days of Christmas Spirit for Mother Nature – Day 7

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Day 7 of the 12 Days of Christmas Spirit for Mother Nature – we can all use a little help from our friends! For day 7 of this 12 day celebration of wildlife preservation foundations in Canada, I’ve chosen to highlight both the Friends of Fish Creek Provincial Park and Friends of Kananaskis Country foundations.

Friends of Fish Creek Provincial Park and Friends of Kananaskis Country are organizations that clearly help out when it comes to wildlife preservation in Alberta and in Canada.

Friends of Fish Creek Provincial Park Society

This 13 km2 park, is one of the largest urban parks in Canada and receives over 3 million visitors per year. Fish Creek Provincial Park features 80 kms of trails – which can be used for walking, hiking, biking, rollerblading, and if weather permits – cross country skiing in the  winter.

fish creek provincial park

The park provides ample opportunity for wildlife watching and bird watching and on hot days, you can swim in the Sikome Aquatic Facility.  

The Friends of Fish Creek offer some great educational programs  and park tours. 

With so much use, it is important that the park’s ecosystems be protected. “Financial and voluntary contributions to the Friends of Fish Creek are reinvested into the park and the majority of volunteer programs the Friends offer have measurable and visible impacts.” Source – Friends of Fish Creek

Friends of Kananaskis Country

If you live in Calgary, or the surrounding area,  chances are you have either been to Kananaskis, or at least know about this wonderful area. If you lived in, or near Calgary in 2013, then you saw pictures and heard the stories about the devastation and damage the 2013 floods did to Kananaskis.  The Friends of Kananaskis, in collaboration with the Alberta Government, organized many volunteer groups, to help with the rebuilding of the flood affected trails. On-going trail maintenance is just one aspect of this group.

barrier lake kananaskis
Barrier Lake, Prairie View Trail, Kananaskis.
bile milne bike path
Washed out bridge along the Bile Milne bike path- June 2013

One part of their mandate is to “raise money to support relevant, practical initiatives that not only benefit the people involved, but benefit the ecology and ecosystems of Kananaskis”. Source – Friends of Kananaskis Country

Give Back To The Friends of Kananaskis Country

Want to donate? They have published a book called The Great Kananaskis Flood Book – all proceeds from the sale of this book go directly back to this organization.

kananaskis flood

Happy Hiking!

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