12 Days of Christmas Spirit for Mother Nature – Day 4

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Day Four of the 12 Days of Christmas Spirit for Mother Nature highlights the Canadian Wildlife Federation and Tree Canada.

Canadian Wildlife Federation

canadian wildlife federation
Puffin – Source Canadian Wildlife Federation
canadian wildlife federation
Little Brown Bat source – Canadian Wildlife Federation

The Canadian Wildlife Federation is 100% Canadian, and they also sell some pretty adorable stuffies of threatened Canadian Animal species.

Founded in 1962, the Canadian Wildlife Federation (CWF) works to conserve Canadian wildlife and land for Canadians to enjoy in the future. The charity’s programs are designed around three main strategies: connecting Canadians to nature, maintaining healthy wildlife populations, and conserving and restoring the environment. Source – Canadian Wildlife Federation

In 2014, CWF’s advocacy program successfully moved three bat species onto the Species at Risk Act (SARA), increasing the level of protection on the species. The charity’s Help the Bats Campaign had been fighting for bat protection throughout 2013.

White-nose syndrome is a big concern for bats.  This disease, caused by a fungus, affects the bats while they are hibernating. It causes them to wake up more often, which uses all of the energy reserves that they have stored for hibernation and the result is devastating. If you want to learn more about these amazing mammals, check out the Alberta Community Bat Program.

The Canadian Wildlife Federation works to preserve wildlife and wilderness in every biome across Canada, working to provide a natural environment for flora and fauna to grow and thrive, and as well protect wild animals.

Tree Canada

The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago, the next best time is today – Chinese Proverb.

Several years ago, I was the Naturalization Coordinator for a school in Calgary. I wrote a grant request for funding from Tree Canada and fortunately received it.  The money from this grant enabled us to plant several species of native trees in the school’s naturalization area.

aspen grove kananaskis
Aspen Grove, Kananaskis

In the past 25 years, “Tree Canada has planted over 80 million trees and greened more than 600 schoolyards across the country.” Source – Tree Canada

It takes seven or eight trees to produce oxygen for one person!  Get out and hug a tree today!

DYK – there is an Aspen Grove in Utah that is 80,000 years old! It is known as Pando or The Trembling Giant.

juniper trail kootenay national park
My youngest giving free hugs! Juniper Trail, Kootenay National Park

If you’re looking to give back to Mother Nature this year, consider either making a direct donation to the Canadian Wildlife Federation, or supporting Tree Canada by planting a tree for only $5 this Christmas!

Happy Hiking!

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