12 Days of Christmas Spirit for Mother Nature – Day 5

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It is Day 5 of the 12 Days of Christmas for Mother Nature. Today, I am highlighting two great local organizations. 

Cochrane Ecological Institute

12 Days of Christmas Spirit for Mother Nature
The husky mutt cross, Dakota (RIP), was a happy customer at Happy Tails Kennel for the past nine years. Wallace, the other dog, was a rescue that we helped socialize.

What does a dog kennel have to do with the Cochrane Ecological Institute? A lot! This institute runs Happy Tails Dog Kennel, and a portion of the money from the kennel helps support this excellent institute. Happy Tails had been Dakota’s home away from home for nine years until he peacefully passed away from old age.

The Cochrane Ecological Institute is “Devoted to the preservation of biodiversity through the conservation and breeding of endangered indigenous species, environmental impact evaluation, ecosystem restoration through the reintroduction of extirpated flora and fauna, rescue and rehabilitation and release of injured and orphaned wildlife, public education and field research, and the monitoring of habitat and species through the development of non-intrusive survey methods.” Source – Cochrane Ecological Institute

Pick a Christmas Tree

The Cochrane Ecological Institute offers an annual Christmas tree event – for a minimum donation of $30, you can get your Christmas tree and see their wildlife and facilities. They also provide educational presentations to schools and local groups.

The Cochrane Ecological Institute has many different ways to get involved with their organization, and to help out when it comes to wildlife preservation in Alberta, and in Canada.


Happy Hiking!

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