12 Days of Christmas Spirit for Mother Nature – Day 10

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Day 10 of the 12 Days of Christmas Spirit for Mother Nature and this starts in your own backyard! Here are a few easy ways that you can help wildlife in Canada thrive this year.

Set Up A Bird Feeder

Non-migratory birds, like Chickadees and Sparrows, can use some extra help in the winter months, particularly on days when the temperature drops below -12 celsius.  Setting up a bird feeder in your backyard is a great way to help these little guys out.  

homemade bird feeders
Homemade bird feeders as seen on Pinterest
homemade bird feeders

Want to make a bird feeder?  Pinterest has some great ideas, some are very child-friendly….and adult-friendly for those of us, myself included, that are not as crafty. Here is another fun DIY  website that uses upcycled materials to make bird feeders and birdhouses.   

Feeding the birds is a commitment, you can’t just feed them one time, as they will quickly figure out that there is food in your yard, you need to continue providing food for them throughout the winter.  If you live in bear country, like those of us who live in Canmore and Banff, you must take the feeder down in the spring, as you don’t want to attract the bears.

hummingbird feeder
I took this picture a few summers ago while staying at Panorama. They don’t like to pose for the camera.

Don’t forget about the hummingbirds, you can start putting hummingbird feeders out in May, which is around the time they will start returning from their migration. Don’t put one out if you live in Bear country, as they could become major attractants for bears. 

Build Or Buy A Bat Box

One word of unsolicited advice – and I speak from experience – don’t put the bird feeder right out your back door- the ground will be covered in bird poop come spring!

Pinterest has a lot of online plans and here is a basic video for building a bat box, or you could purchase one.

how to build a bat house
Bat Box

Bats hibernate in the winter and they need a safe, undisturbed place to do so. They also need a place to “hang out” during the day in the summer months. A bat box is a great way to help out these very cool mammals. Want to learn more about these amazing mammals, check out the Alberta Community Bat Program.

Happy Hiking!

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